Nothing to Gain

First, let me be clear, since I don’t offer services to small companies, I have nothing to gain from this post except better service as your customer.

Too often, someone steps up and offers to help with Facebook or Twitter, as though those platforms are the single place for you to reach your customers. Because of this, I find companies have a good presence on a platform, that is 2-3 years old. I find reviews that peak years ago, with no responses for recent posts, or worse, a phone number that has since changed, and no one is updating the listing or the comments.

To make this scenario even worse is that both new and old customers are looking at businesses on their mobile phones first. Why is this important? When the alternative to the mobile phone is a yellow pages volume, or a thin marketing business directory, mailed to everyone in a small radius of zip codes, it is easy to see that mobile is important.

I wonder if these businesses even have google analytics, or know where to find the number of mobile visits? But I bet these businesses get pitched to create a mobile app!

First things first, folks. Fix your profiles, respond to negative comments on social media. As importantly, thank those that send you kudos on those platforms. Oh, and don’t ask for names of their friends after the +1s, just show gratitude, it’s the same end result. I would bet the ROI is greater for not asking for the referrals.

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