New Connections?

Are we connected somewhere, somehow? Why did we reach out and find you?
Well, it could be any number of reasons, let’s see if any of these fit:

1. We connected to you because we share a common interest or a common goal, e.g. world peace, advancement of technology, a keen sense style. It’s the last one, isn’t it? We knew it. You look great, don’t change a thing.

2. We read your comment or opinion on something that you cared about, and we agreed with you. We like to surround ourselves with smarter people than us, and that is you!

3. We read your response to a question, or a helpful and enlightening statement that you made, and we liked it so much we wanted to make sure we would hear you again. Thank you for providing that helpful insight, observation, or assistance to someone. Keep up the good work!

4. You participate or lead an activity we enjoy or admire, like robotics or medicine or investing, or robotic medicine investing. We work with companies that do those things, and we feel that the better we are by learning from you, the better we’ll be for our clients. Everyone wins, isn’t that great?! Keep up the good work!

And thank you.

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