Marketing Services

Marketing encompasses many, many disciplines – each with its own purpose – sometimes against the needs of other strategic directions. There is an old marketing adage: “50% of marketing spend is wasted, the problem is that we don’t know which 50%.” Choosing the right direction for the marketing spend can have a significant positive effect on the success of a product or service – don’t waste a significant portion of your marketing budget wandering around – tap our expertise to help guide you through.

Go To Market Tools

Your product needs a message that resonates with your customers, not one that is out of tune. We’ll develop tools for you to launch your product quickly with minimum effort and greatest impact.

Market Research

Researching target markets can uncover new markets, targeted data and often ready customers that will buy right away. We won’t gather research in a vacuum, we’ll deliver results, and new customers, during the research process.


There are more options available to reach customers than ever before – don’t waste your ‘advertising dollar’ on the wrong medium. We develop plans, designs, and gather research to make sure your advertising is reaching the right markets for your products.

Measure and Monitor

Without measurement, marketing expenses can quickly become more ‘expense’ than ‘marketing’. Don’t waste your budget, time, or effort on programs that don’t work. We develop plans that use available tools, or create new ones, so you know where your results are coming from. We’ll analyze the results and help you iterate the plans that work, and dispose of those that don’t.

Marketing Services

With more than 20 years of product and marketing experience, think of us as an extension of your team. We can bring our expertise to bear on your objectives, helping to avoid the pitfalls and accelerate your goals. Our experience spans the range of scope and scale of marketing, allowing small businesses to have a ‘big-firm’ feel while providing larger businesses a boutique approach that is unique.

Sales Accelerators

Improving product positioning and using the appropriate medium can send sales into overdrive. We develop practical plans and tools to put the correct solution in front of the right customers

Sales Collateral

Leave your prospects more than just your business card. We’ve been designing and developing sales collateral for years – we’ll create sales materials that speak to your customers and prospects.

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