About Us

Carlisle Group advises fast growing companies in the high technology and financial services industries.

Clients include private asset management firms, private membership organizations, non-profits, web startups and service providers. We’ve provided strategic planning, marketing planning, event strategy and execution, social media campaigns, and branding services.

We’ve integrated real-time customer feedback into final design and strategies, improving and enhancing client experience beyond the original objectives and expectations.

Carlisle Group offers services that fit your scope and ambition, with actionable strategies and monitoring milestones and tools to fit your business. Your customers want to hear from you, to know what you are doing now and where you are going. Carlisle Group can manage the methods, style, and execution to help you reach your goals, and your customers, effectively and efficiently.


Kevin Flavin

Kevin Flavin has held leadership positions from start-up to large, multi-national financial software and services companies, including Charles River Development, Base-Two Investment Systems, GCom2 Solutions, Inc. and Bowne & Co. His breadth of product management, sales and marketing experience includes successfully carving new products out of existing product lines and opening new markets for existing products.

His experience spans more than 20 years of technology-based product design, marketing and sales experience. His successes include developing robust automated systems for retrieving market data for financial investments, as well as document generation engines, and investment tax calculation and record-keeping solutions for pooled real estate investment funds. Prior to Carlisle Group, Kevin built and led marketing and sales teams for financial software enterprises ranging from start-ups to Fortune 1000 companies. In 2008, Kevin helped orchestrate the sale and acquisition of GCom2 Solutions by Bowne.

Kevin studied electrical and computer engineering at UMaine in Orono, Maine and graduated with honors in Finance from the Sawyer School of Management at Suffolk University in Boston.

He has held senior executive positions in companies for sale and acquisition, delivering the pitch to investors, due diligence, presentation and negotiation phases. In addition to Carlisle Group, he has served on the board of the IEEE Boston Section. He can be found on LinkedIn.